High performance shielding braids

Raybraid and INSTALITE Lightweight Braid are high performance metallic oversleeves help provide excellent EMI shielding and lightning protection for wires and cable harness systems. The new INSTALITE Lightweight braid (LWB) offers a low cost way to save up to 50% weight over traditional braids.


Wiring protection for mil/aero applications

TE's Raychem convoluted tubing is available in Helical HCTE and Annular Convolex styles to offer mechanical protection for electrical wiring systems in applications requiring flexibility and good resistance to a variety of fluids. Widely used in the military and commercial aerospace industries, Raychem Convolex tubing has an operating temperature range of -55 °C to 150°C, while the HCTE is rated higher to 200°C.