Connector interfaces

Harnessflex works closely with many OEMs to develop protection for electrical connectors (a critical area of an engine harness).

Our experienced internal design team uses 3D CAD modelling software to produce various concepts for customer approval. With Harnessflex’s history of connector interface design and our understanding of customers requirements, we are well placed to produce bespoke designs to integrate electrical connectors into a harness design.

Features & benefits:

  • Interfaces can be used in areas where electrical connectors are vulnerable to high pressure washing
  • Our interfaces offer strain relief to crimped contacts our 90º swivel elbows are used with interfaces they allow the harness to self level
  • Using our part CI-MF-90, in addition to a standard 90º swivel fitting, a 180º swivel bend is possible

Products include:

  • External hinged connector interfaces - Tough and durable protection for OEM connectors against high pressure wash-down, excessive cable strain and mechanical abrasion
  • External split connector interfaces - Split type customised interfaces providing high integrity connections to the Molex SRC series of connectors and Harnessflex conduit systems.
  • Special customised products - Special hinged interfaces and blanking products

Harnessflex product catalogue