Process Breaking and Locking (Lockout / Tagout) is a planned safety routine that involves turning
off the power supply to industrial machinery and equipment while maintenance or repairs are being performed.
This routine protects staff from the risks posed by live machines and electricity.



These process switching devices can be used for a variety of electrical outlets.
Can be used with many different electrical outlets.

Process breaking products to prevent mechanical risk. Devices for the prevention of mechanical risk.

Brady has a wide range of portable process breaking kits tailored to specific applications and budget frameworks. Choose from small Easter kits for process switching of switches, valves etc.

Very high quality lock suitable for Brady's process breaking products. They are available with a rust-protected steel casing and nickel-plated locks. Available in different designs, sizes and bracket diameters / heights.

These products allow several employees to simultaneously lock and service part of an equipment.

For the process breaking lock, a tag is used that shows who is responsible for the application of a particular locking device and who is authorized to remove it or change it in any way. The tags are made of a flexible polyester, resistant to water, oil and extreme temperatures.

Internationally used and recognized. The scarf tag system for inspection labeling from Brady is designed to the highest specification to withstand tough industrial applications and environments that place extensive requirements. Visible status marking systems for scaffolding and inspection marking.

Keep employees updated on the process breaking routines and provide training for the plant's process breaking program. Brady's process breaking training materials allow you to teach employees how to protect themselves and others during service and maintenance at the machinery park.